Friday, 22 October 2010

Dr Loopenstein presents...

Mr and Mrs Frankenstuffy, and their journey into the world of the everliving :-)

Mr Frankenstuffy in design format

Mr Frankenstuffy ready for sewing together and stuffing!

Mrs Frankenstuffy in her undies waiting to be sewn together!


Happy Halloween!
Gratuitous advert: Available at my Folksy shop they could be attending your Halloween Party!! :-)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Meal of the week - stir fry!

Now, steel yourselves, I said this blog was gonna be a bit of mixture!!  So today's post is a little interlude before my next crafty post, which will be jewellery based.

I love food, I love talking about food, I love stir fries, every stir fry is unique, here is last night's stir fry :-D

Softening the sweet potato in stir fry oil.

After adding the rest of the veg - red onion, mushrooms, green pepper, mange tout, babycorn.  No meat or noodles today. Also added an oxo cube on this occasion for herbs and spices.

Ta daaaaa!! Ready to eat!!
Quick, cheap and yummy!!  I would have used chopsticks to eat it, except then I would have dropped more of it down me than usual... :-S