Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Halloween: The Party!

Happy Halloween!! (2 weeks late...hum ho.....)

So here are some piccies from the Halloween Spooktacular that myself and Spammy hosted :-)

Velcom to ze Halloween Spooktacular, mu ha ha ha!!!!

Pleez to meet one of my wampyr concubines

And now the strange made-up wampyr accent ends I'm sure you'll be pleased to know...

Table of mostly home-made (by myself and Sammy) goodies!

Yummy chocolate and carrot cupcakes made by Sammy

Witchy Jo trying to cheer up a grumpy looking Zombie!

Our stuffies joining in the fun, Hugsie the Dinosaur (outfit med by me last 'ween), Arnold the bat-cat and Yoshi the spider-dragon

Count Vladislaus Dracula and his stylish witch lady

Spammy the Wamp and Zombie with her Zombie child

Sammy trying to be seductive (sorry Sammy but I think you need to work on your seductive look a smidge), with strange slashed cracker hat wearing weirdo (a.k.a. Mr Loops), and man wearing pumpkin baby outfit being shocked by the presence of a zombie child

Your hosts, the Wampyr Sisters enjoying some warm blood and chatting with a strange pink eared cat

And that is finally it for Halloween 2010!!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Halloween: The Costumes!

Sorry for the giganti-gap since my last post, pretty much October-November has mainly consisted of illness so far, here's to hoping things improve on that front soon!

So this year my friend Spammy and I decided to co-host a Halloween party at my house, and thus having costumes along the same theme.  Soooo after discussions we decided upon Victoriany looking (not historically correct by any means!!) wampyr sisters!

Spammy and myself before the arrival of the guests looking sufficiently vampirish

Soooo... what was crafted and how did you craft it I hear you say??

  • Bought a cheap fancy dress sequin top hat for each of us 
  • Removed black ribbon and crappy piece of net 
  • Got the hot glue out :-D
  • Hot glued burgundy velvet ribbon round them  

  • Dismantled and hot-glued big black fake flower 

  •  Cut and hot-glued cobweb lace veil

Found THIS awesome choker online but wanted to make as much as possible, plus couldn't really afford to buy after spending so much on fabrics and decorations (and BOOOOOZE :-D).  Soooo...
  • Bought some wide black velvet ribbon
  • Cut to size and attached velcro to ends 
  • Fixed flat back red gems as vampire bite
  • Attached red blood droplets [beads] to chain and attached to choker

Made some earrings to match the droplets on our chokers.  Apologies for the artsy photo, I only had the one I took for my folksy page!

I made us 3 skirts each for the look.  I could of course have made them all as one skirt but I figured this way each element could be reused if wanted!
  • Black net underskirt for a bit of poof!  
  • Red satin circle skirt.  
  • Black glittery cobweb lace handkerchief hem overskirt.

We were after something with nice drapey sleeves and a large collar to highlight our chokers, but we couldn't find anything suitable (or cheap enough) to buy, so we ordered some black jersey so I could make jackets from scratch but decided that I didn't have the time nor inclination to do that in the end so we had a rethink!
  • Bought us each a plain black long-sleeved t-shirt from the supermarket 
  • Cut the sleeves to around elbow length 
  • Marked the t-shirts to a bolero jacket type shape on the dress form (for mine, and directly on Spammy for hers) and cut to shape
  • Did a massive amount of gathering to a massive amount (a good 8-10 metres) of black chiffon ribbon :-S 
  • Attached the now gathered frilly ribbon to boleros 
  • Cut squares of cobweb lace (with a sleeve sized circle in the centre) and attached to the sleeves to make some drapey sleeves
In addition we each wore a non-me-crafted top under our bolero.

(Apologies for the strange boobage of my dressform, to emulate my mahoosive boobage she wears a big turquoise padded bra which I tried to cover with my half-sarong, but alas the camera flash has x-ray vision!!)

 Hey presto we have clothes to wear!!
Using some friendly plastic I also made my own vampire fangs with the help of THIS tutorial.  However whilst the teeth I made came out superb, apparently denture glue stuff doesn't work on my teeth cos even though they were custom made to fit my teeth they still wouldn't stay in.

Sooo the fangs ended up being lost almost immediately somewhere in the house (hence no photo) and my teeth left covered in denture glue which is the most disgusting substance known to man and took much brushing (thus ruining my makeup!) and mouthwash to remove!!  Boooo, so I ended up wearing some 10p fangs from Sainsburys, which is why my face looks so bizarre (more than usual anyways) in the first photo >:-E

I leave you with a shot of Wampyr Sam showing off her evilness with her pet Arnold the Bat-Cat

Next Halloween post = photos from the party :-)