Sunday, 8 May 2011

Winner announced!!

Thanx for all the loverly comments everyone, the name of the winner coming up in a moment, followed by some answers to questions a few of you asked ;-)

Mr Loops the fan-plucker shuffles up the names in my Las Vegas tub!!


And plucks out a winner with his tongue!! :-\

The winner is.... KATE BARRETT!!!

Kate, please drop me an email with your address and I'll drop your sleepy owl Zed in the mail to you this week!!! :-D  He's not quite ready to travel yet (he should be finished tomorrow tho) but here's a piccie of him in progress!

Commiserations to everyone else, better luck next giveaway!  In fact Loop-da-Loop already has over 1300 fans now so invite your friends to my Facebook Fan Page and then we'll get to the 1500 fan giveaway even quicker ;-)

And now, thanx again for all your comments, sorry I didn't manage to reply to everyone individually but I did read all of them :-)

@Louise Galt - Yes I'm happy to do custom bags, I'd have more up for sale but my order list never seems to empty!!  Just drop me an email if you wanna chat about ideas ;-)

@Wendy Barker - OMG you cut your finger off with a craft knife, yikes!!!  I flicked myself in the eye with a pin before (yup the sharp end!) and had a needle stuck in my foot, but nothing that needed treatment in A&E :-o  You're defo as accident prone as Braindead Betty, he he he ;-)

@Lynn Tibby - Oooh I love that, I love halloweeny stuff, and a ghost owl would be fab!!!
So, things to come.... I have no plans for doing anything baby related I'm afraid, buuuut I'll be doing a range of smaller owls (such as Zed!) for those that want an owlie but have a smaller budget, and some sunglasses cases for summer :-D

That's it for now!