Saturday, 30 April 2011

1000 Facebook fans giveaway!!

Now admittedly I'm a tad slow starting this since there are now over 1200 Loop-da-Loop fans on Facebook, but better late than never I say!!!

The prize up for grabs will be a mini owl (about 10" tall), I haven't made him yet so no photo but I will post one before the competition closes.  He'll be similar to this little chap though, at least in terms of size :-)

Entries will be placed in my lucky Las Vegas casino bucket of wonder, and Mr Loops the fan-plucker will rummage through and pluck out our winner!!!  And this time I'll post worldwide :-)

Now, to enter you must:
  1. comment on this blog post
    you can leave a post if you have a Google/Blogger/LiveJournal/WordPress/Aim/TypePad/OpenId sign in I believe, but if you would prefer you can email me or PM me on Facebook (see my contact me tab) and I'll post here for you
  2. be a "liker" of my Facebook fanpage
    please leave your [fb] name if it's different to your [blog] name

I don't mind what you comment about but I would appreciate something constructive, for instance what you would like to see more of in my shop, what item or group of items you like the most that I make, or if you're short of words then just say hi!!  Please no blatant adverts though or your post will be removed and you won't be entered into the draw.

REMEMBER, this giveaway is only for my Facebook fans and I will check all entries, therefore if you haven't made it clear what your facebook name is you won't be entered, I spent far too long last time trying to figure it out!!

Good luck chaps and chapesses, you have until 4pm next Sunday [8th May]  to enter!! :-)