Sunday, 26 September 2010

Halloween: The Decorations

Ok, so I have trouble making decisions and deciding what to write for my 2nd post has been a toughy, particularly since I hadn't really decided what kinda stuff I plan to write about here!!  I think it'll be a bit of a mixture, some crafty stuff since that's what I spend most of my time doing, the ongoing saga of my hand and wrist problems, attempting to stay organised in my tiny crafting room, and potentially the general thoughts of a depressive anxiety-ridden agoraphobic! ;-)

So apart from crafting stuff for my folksy shop my current focus in on Halloween, my favourite time of year!!  This year (as most years) I shall be hosting a Spooktacular Halloween party, with the help of my good friend and co-host Sammy who is also a creative soul and will be helping me to make food and decorations for the party.

Unfortuntely I didn't get any in progress shots, but this week I've been working on painting and embellishing a papier mache pumpkin I picked up from Hobbycraft.

So initially a week or so ago I painted the whole pumpkin with orange acrylic paint, and the stem with green and brown.  The next day I added some shading to the indents and top (though of course that's all covered up with leaves now!) and mottled it a little, and gave our pumpkin gal some eyelasheys.

And finally on Friday I had some fun with my glue gun (unused up til this point :-D) and some autumnal looking fake leaves, and then coated her with sparkly orange glitter glue (including some on the leaf veins) to give her a shine and brighten the colour up a bit!  And hey presto!! 

I'm planning to display her on the coffee table, which will be covered in sparkly cobweb lace, with some LED tealights inside!

Next I decided to make a Halloween wreath to hang on the front door.  I started with a polystyrene ring and wrapped it in orange ribbon for a base.  Prepared some more of the autumnal fake leaves, cut out some foam bats n skulls n ghosties, and got my now fave tool the glue gun out :-D

In progress shot after all the leaves were in place and I'd remembered buying some grey-black fake roses as well!

After adding all the leaves I then hot glued another 5 roses around the inside of the ring, hot glued some googly eyes on the ghosties and skulls, and attached those.  And finally I got the glitter glue out again and highlighted the rose petals and leaf veins with sparkle!!

And that's that for this post, thanks for reading, more Halloweeny treats to come as I'm also making mine and Sammys Halloween costumes!!


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