Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Halloween: The Party!

Happy Halloween!! (2 weeks late...hum ho.....)

So here are some piccies from the Halloween Spooktacular that myself and Spammy hosted :-)

Velcom to ze Halloween Spooktacular, mu ha ha ha!!!!

Pleez to meet one of my wampyr concubines

And now the strange made-up wampyr accent ends I'm sure you'll be pleased to know...

Table of mostly home-made (by myself and Sammy) goodies!

Yummy chocolate and carrot cupcakes made by Sammy

Witchy Jo trying to cheer up a grumpy looking Zombie!

Our stuffies joining in the fun, Hugsie the Dinosaur (outfit med by me last 'ween), Arnold the bat-cat and Yoshi the spider-dragon

Count Vladislaus Dracula and his stylish witch lady

Spammy the Wamp and Zombie with her Zombie child

Sammy trying to be seductive (sorry Sammy but I think you need to work on your seductive look a smidge), with strange slashed cracker hat wearing weirdo (a.k.a. Mr Loops), and man wearing pumpkin baby outfit being shocked by the presence of a zombie child

Your hosts, the Wampyr Sisters enjoying some warm blood and chatting with a strange pink eared cat

And that is finally it for Halloween 2010!!


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