Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mmm... maltesers

This week's mini update...

  • Blood pressure still through the roof 

  • Just completed my latest commission Owl - Riley the Surfer Owl. He was named after a character from my [very odd] teenage obsession with Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (and other Irwin Allen tv series!).... perhaps I shouldn't have admitted to that... hum ho....

  • Yesterday I had the fun of being questionned and prodded by some medical students doing a rheumatology module at med school!  Was quite interesting, and one of them did correctly diagnose me so top marks for her! :-)

  • Today I shall be making a red memory bracelet (hand allowing!), sketching up a kitsch girly (not really my thing so might take a bit of imagination!) Owl for Emily, and starting on my newest Owl stuffie - The Owl-inator

  • This evening will be my first Methotrexate dose, I've read all the leaflets and spoken to other people [online] taking it but I'm still rather anxious about it.  Going from taking 0 pills to taking over 30 pills per week (6 diff ones) is defo a bit of a body and head shock!

Oh and I've just had a food delivery from Tesco.  I maaaaaay have snuck in a giant bag of maltesers....I like food. :-)



  1. Hope your getting on ok with your meds, at least you now have a diagnoses, Ive been back and forwards to the doctors for almost a year and a half now, with pain in my RH side, back shoulder, arm and hand, ive had ultrasound, CT scan and blood tests, now im waiting for a endoscopy, all ive been told so far is that they found some arthritus in my spine but thats all.
    I really worry that my health will effect my ability to craft :(
    Hope you enjoyed your malteasers ;~)
    I really love your work and often find myself on your facebook page looking at all your prettys :)
    Louise (of sprinkles & glitter)

  2. I've just been read this & thought I would share my metho experience. I've been suffering for 6 years and for 5 they had been talking about metho. Eventually the consultant said you choose, risk side effects for possible gain. I went for it and for me it has been such a success and my life is incomparable to how it was. I hope you get a similar result. Let me know if you want more info.

  3. It Jen of the stitchy owl by the way.x

  4. Thanx for the messages chaps, sorry I've taken so long to spot them!!

    @Louise - Yes diagnosis is defo a large part of the battle, it took about a year for mine. If they'd gone straight to the MRI scan they would have had a diagnosis straight away but of course that's not how the NHS works, it's cheapest options first! Since my diagnosis though I definitely feel like they're putting in the effort making sure I get the right meds and keeping an eye on everything :-)

    Funnily enough my pain is also all down my RH side only, for me foot, knee, hand/wrist/fingers, elbow, shoulder and neck. Very odd!

    Anyways I really hope they diagnose you soon, hard to know what to do when you don't know what it is! I'll keep my [left hand] fingers crossed for your crafting, I've had to slow down a little and take time off when I have bad days but thankfully I'm still crafting at the mo :-)

  5. @Jen - Thanx m'dear! Wow, I can't believe they took 5 years umming and ahhing about the methotrexate :-o Yeah my consultant made it my choice too, I was very close to saying no but like you say when I'd weighed out my future without them (mobility, crafting etc) vs my future taking them successfully I figured it was at least worth trying them! How long have you been on the methotrexate now btw??

    I'll have to do an update post on here soon :-)