Tuesday, 25 January 2011

It's a lactose-free birthday!!

I'm in a foodie mood lately, partly due to the fact that I've been having health issues the past few months so my sewing/jewellery crafting has taken a back seat, and partly due to the fact that Mr "lactose-free" Loops has requested that I make him some lactose-free (hereby known as LF!) goodies recently as it's incredibly difficult to find LF items in the supermarket unless you go for specialist items!

So for his birthday last week he requested LF chicken kievs, and a LF coffee cake for dessert (as we're both coffee addicts).  Mind you the coffee cake was also eaten for breakfast... we have a tradition of eating birthday cake for breakfast... only on our birthdays mind, else it would just be weird.... :-\

Cooking stage (sorry, no piccies of the creation)

Rather a large meal of LF chicken kiev, roast new potatoes and cabbage, yuuuum!

And now for the coffee cake, for which I followed this recipe but replaced the milk with LF whole milk, and the mascarpone with LF soft cheese.

Awaiting the oven!!

Cooling and testing our willpower....


You might be wondering why It doesn't look quite like the one in the recipe.... this is because due to using LF soft cheese instead of mascarpone, and due to running out of icing sugar and so having used half caster sugar it came out more like a coffee sauce instead of the coffee cream cheese frosting it was supposed to be!  So it became a drizzle cake - popped some holes throughout the cake and drizzled the "sauce" over the top to sink in and marinade it.

Not quite as planned but delicious nevertheless!! 


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