Friday, 4 February 2011

500 Facebook fans giveaway!!

Well I'm a little slow posting this as Loop-da-Loop got to 500 fans on Facebook last week, but better late than never :-D  Soooo for this momentous landmark I'm having a giveaway, yikwa!!

The prize up for grabs is one of these Loop-da-Loop cupcake zipper pouches (winner can choose their fave).

To enter, you must:
  1. comment on this blog post
    (you can leave a post if you have a Google/Blogger/LiveJournal/WordPress/Aim/TypePad/OpenId sign in I believe, but if you would prefer you can email me instead and I'll post here for you)
  2. be a "liker" of my Facebook fanpage
    (please leave your [fb] name if it's different to your [blog] name)
I don't mind what you comment about but I would appreciate something constructive, for instance what you would like to see more of in my shop, what item or group of items you like the most that I make, or if you're short of words then just say hi!!  Please no blatant adverts though or your post will be removed and you won't be entered into the draw.

Entries will be placed in my lucky Las Vegas casino bucket of wonder, and Mr Loops the fan-plucker will rummage through and pluck out our winner!!!

Here's a shot of each pouch showing the linings!!

UK postage only for this giveaway, but when I get to 1000 fans I will post worldwide :-)

Good luck chaps and chapesses, you have until 4pm on Tuesday to enter!! :-)



  1. Hi Lou, tis me Joe from Knitty Joe

    from the moment I saw your makes.. i loved them all.. especially the owl.. i regularly drool over your owl..heheheh x x

  2. Email entry by Isabel:

    Congrats on reaching over 500 fans :) I love everything you do, the memory card pouches are fab and such a good idea, but my favourite are the stuffies, specially the owls, gorgeous!!

  3. Gorgeous, Gorgeous.... and Gorgeous.. nuff said!
    Zoe (Zebedeezjewellery)

  4. Email entry by Jill:

    I like your stuffies, especially the owls, plus the bat earrings (cute eyes) and ALL your bags :-)

  5. Email entry by Emily:

    "Well done on getting to 500!! good job. My favourite are your bags, they are so unique and beautiful. I enjoy looking at the stuffies, espcially the owl ones.

    Keep up the good work, oh, and thanks also for introducing me to folksy, i spend most of my lunch hours now trailing through it finding hundreds of things i want to buy from all you clever crafters. Xxx"

  6. Email entry by Sammy:

    "Jolly well done on the 500 fans!! I too love your bags, but I think everything is cool and well designed! ;-) xx"

  7. Well done on getting 500 fans.Me and my 9 year old grandaughter love your shop.

  8. Hi, its Claire from Spare Minute Productions. 500 likers! Well done you!! Dont tell anyone but yours is def one of my fave facebook pages! Such gorgeous bits! xxx

  9. I really like your juicy berry earrings, especially the hook as a striking feature. And owls are just fantastic.
    I absolutely love the conker fabric (I think that's what it is?!), where is it from?
    Woo for all the fans!

  10. Hi. You deserve all those 'likes'. Your Folksy shop has so many gorgeous things in it, but I have to say that your lovely owls are the best. Michelle x (socklings - crazy creatures born from socks)

  11. Ooh I don't have any conker fabric... I don't think anyways! Where did you see it Kerrie?

  12. Hi From Kristina's Jewellery!
    Congrats on getting to 500 I'm so close myself!

    Lovely lil cupcake pouches, reminds me I need to order an owl from you soon!

    *Fingers crossed I win*

  13. Email entry by Josie:

    I love my Welschs purple grape bat he lives on my chair!

  14. Email entry by Kim:

    I really love your cupcake pouches and think your owls are just amazing!
    Would love to see more of the owls, or even something similiar. They would make great cushions for kids rooms!
    Or even some great kids bed sets, duvet covers, pillow cases with your own designs on. That would be fab!

  15. Hi,

    Really enjoying have a look through all your stuff but particularly the owls!

    I have been lactose free for 2 years and have found lots of different things to try and get round things - we could swap some recipes?!

    Best wishes,

  16. In the picture of the brown one the lining looks like conkers (or sweet chestnuts actually, more hairy) on a blue background... have I got this completely wrong???!!!

  17. Hello there! I'm still a big fan of your work. My dad is an owl fantatic too :p.

    Lies Van Humbeeck checking in, because my blog name is different.

  18. Congrats on 500! Those pouches are so cute <3

    (Tysha Dragonwys on FB)

  19. well done on 500 fans !! Your work always looks extremely well made and of very high quality. I loved the care bear bag you did for Andy's sister and these cupcake pouches look fab to xx

  20. @Kerrie - I can totally see how you saw sweet chestnuts!! It's actually chocolates and bon-bons and whatnot though, in little individual wrappers, a bit hard to make out on the photo though I know ;-)

    @MrsMiles - Ooh that sounds super, I don't tend to work much with recipes, I'm more a play it by ear gal but appreciate any recipes for inspiration :-D

  21. I would love to enter please - they look lovely
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  22. Competition entry!

    Annika Jones.

  23. I'm following your blog and facebook. Kate Huxstep x


    Check back later this evening to find out who the winner is!!

  25. Ah, man! I was thinking sweet chestnut pants would be really cool! Thanks for explaining the mystery for me!